Kaabbat of Kug



Kaabbat of Kug
This High Martian has a fortress in the Kattooine Kraag and is known for his appetite for destruction and high risk gambling. He has a bunch of mercenaries under his “wing” of including a few “offworlders” (earthlings) that are there because they have skills that are useful to Kaabbat or because they amuse him in some strange way. Because Kaabbat is very fat and big for a martian, he cannot fly but has a very large flying barge called “Cerberus” in honor of the Mythological beast of Earth legends. He has other ships including a very large land kite. His business include piracy, smuggling, slavery and illegal mining. He is wanted by many Canal Princes because he extends his illegal activities to canal cities. His pirates ships are identify by his family symbol that is a giant black slug-like creatures painted in a red flag. Kaabbat claims to be “descendant of Huukanthan an heir to the diamond cities of the north Aetheria”. He attacks caravans and cities of the Aetheria and Meroe regions and has enemies in the German domain in mars.
S:{6} A:{1} E:{7} I:{4} C:{3} S:{6}
Close Combat6, Markmanship2, Stealth0, Fieldcraft0, Negotiation4, Leadership4.
Actions:(1) Wounds:(13)
Standard W&E: Heavy Pistol.
Token: Supernatural

Princess Kaalich of the Fortress of Kattooine
Fortress Kattoine is the lair of Kaabbat. Kaalich was stolen as a child from a canal martian, possibly a merchant. She has been put in charge of all the Fortress as the Young Mother of the Fortress. She feels that been under the protection of Kaabbat makes her unavailable for his mercenaries but fears that protection to fall any day now after she has not accepted Kaabbat advances.
S:{2} A:{3} E:{3} I:{4} C:{5} S:{3}
Close Combat1, Markmanship2, Stealth3, Fieldcraft2.
Actions:(3) Wounds:(5)
Standard W&E: Dagger

The standard warriors under the command of Kaabbat .
S:{2} A:{2} E:{3} I:{1} C:{1} S:{1} (2d6)
Close Combat2, Marksmanship (Bow) 2, Stealth2, Fieldcraft2.
Actions:(2) Wounds:(5)
Standard W&E: Spear, Dagger, Rifle.

The officers and fierce warriors under the command of Kaabbat the stronger of them all and can fight humans in air and land.
S:{4} A:{3} E:{4} I:{4} C:{3} S:{3}
Close Combat3, Marksmanship (Bow) 3, Stealth2, Fieldcraft3.
Actions:(3) Wounds:(8)
Standard W&E: Spear, Dagger, Rifle.

Weapon Shots Mag Reload Wnd Req.Str Save Range
Breen Loading Carbine 1 - 1 2 2 1 60
Light Revolver 3 6 (3) 1-2 1 2 10
Bow 1 - 1 1 2 2 30
Reach Hit Dice Req Str Wnd Block
Pike 3 2 3 2 -2
Saber 2 5 2 1 -
Dagger 1 1 1 1 -

Kaabbat of Kug

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